The Auclantis token and community reward system make Auclantis the best marketplace for creators and curators. Our token plays a central role on Auclantis and is used to gain the most benefits from the platform. By owning the Auclantis token you become a curator and support artists by giving more visibility to the pieces you like.

As we expand in the market and become a central point of the NFT ecosystem, we plan to transition to a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and have the community of token holders have a say in how the platform is run. The Auclantis token gives its users the ability to also be the owners of the platform.

Token utility

Auclantis is the first decentralized NFT auction house with community curation. We decided to have a zero platform fee: creators determine the commission they want to share with their community. We believe a decentralized auction house increases the transparency of the NFT market. Collectors can see how much an item traded in the past and its popularity with the community: they can now understand whether they're getting a fair price or not. Auclantis curation model means that, for the first time, creators can reward their fans for marketing their work. Everyone can become a curator and start selecting the NFTs they believe have the highest market value. We incentivize curators to search for new promising artists and projects by adopting a non-linear commission share model. Auclantis auction house is entirely on-chain and open to any type of NFT.

Auclantis is a Layer-2 native decentralized application: we take advantage of the cheap transaction fees to build a highly interactive application that is fun and engaging to use. Early-stage artists can sell their work on our auction house without breaking the bank. Curators and collectors can help artists and projects grow by supporting them in the initial stages of their careers.

The Auclantis token has several functions, all of which have the same goal: reduce noise and increase the quality of auctions on the platform.

  • Decentralized Curation: curators stake their tokens on auctions they believe are of interest to the community. They are rewarded with a share of the sale's commission. A curator's share is proportional to how many tokens they have stacked, and how early they staked. If the auction is unsuccessful, the tokens are returned to the curators.

  • Listing NFT for sale: sellers need to stake Auclantis tokens to create a new auction. This increases the barrier for spammers and bots but does not influence sellers that are already engaged with Auclantis.

Artist Development Fund

The artist development fund is our program that encourages young artists to launch their NFT collection. The Auclantis community of token holders will decide how these funds are allocated. The artist development funds will start once we hit a healthy mix of token holders. Auclantis will regularly organize events for the community to decide which artist will receive the grant.

Token distribution

The total supply of Auclantis tokens is limited to 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). Tokens are distributed to align community and the team incentives. We will announce the details about the token launch at a later date, make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to be the first to hear about it.

Auclantis token distribution

The tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 15% to the artist development fund
  • 15% for user incentives
  • 15% to liquidity providers
  • 30% treasury
  • 25% to founders and team members, with vesting

How to get the token

Before the official Auclantis ERC-20 token launch, we will launch coupon tokens on each of the networks we support. We will release these coupon tokens to all Auclantis users with a daily or weekly schedule. Users need to create, stake, or buy a successful auction to be eligible.

During the beta period, coupon tokens will be the only accepted tokens for staking on Auclantis. After the beta period ends, we will start migrating to the official Auclantis ERC-20 token. Coupon tokens can be converted to the official Auclantis token and are subject to vesting to avoid imbalances in the token supply.