Introduction to Auclantis

Auclantis is an open and decentralized NFT auction house with low gas fees and no platform fees. We use cutting-edge Layer-2 technology to reduce users' gas costs by over 90%. This means that on Auclantis gas cost is never a problem, even during the busiest rush hour. By reducing gas costs, we make it possible to trade niche collections and support artists at the beginning of their careers. Auclantis is open: it's our community that decides which NFTs should rise to the top and be featured on the home page. Curators signal which auctions are exciting by staking the Auclantis token. Artists can share part of the sale's revenue with curators to incentivize curators to share their work on social media.

Curation on Auclantis is an excellent way to learn how to pick a good NFT without any risk. Curators earn a share of the sales price (set by the seller) by staking Auclantis tokens on an auction.

Auclantis auction house


  • Low gas fee: Auclantis is available on Layer-2 to reduce gas fees by up to 90%. Creators can mint and sell their art without high upfront capital costs.
  • Curators commission: Auclantis has a 0% platform fee. Sellers can choose to pay a commission to curators that help bring visibility to the auction. Artists just getting started can use the curators' commission to encourage sharing their work on social media.
  • Stake and earn: help the community by finding the best NFTs on Auclantis and earn a commission for your work. Everyone can become a curator and start collecting rewards at the end of each auction.
  • Click and start collecting: bid on auctions without worries. Our community selects the most exciting NFTs and brings them to the home page. Discover new artists before everyone else.

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