Open and decentralized curation on Auclantis

Open and decentralized curation is a core feature of Auclantis. Decentralized means that Auclantis users decide which Auctions have more visibility, placing them at the top of the front page. Curation is open to everyone because we want the community as a whole to be part of it. Artists finally can reach the recognition they deserve without going through gatekeepers, instead, they can focus on working with the community.

Curation on Auclantis is performed using the Auclantis token. Curators stake their tokens to show support for a specific NFT auction, this will lock the curator's staked tokens until the end of the auction. If the auction is successful, curators will share a commission decided by the seller. On Auclantis, curators that stake early on an auction are rewarded more than curators that stake later, this encourages curators to scout for new and undervalued NFTs.

The curators reward function

Curators are rewarded for selecting the NFTs that sell well, this creates a positive reinforcement loop where curators are encouraged to spend more time looking for promising NFTs auctions to increase their earnings.

Decentralized curation is also beneficial to sellers and artists. Artists can, for the first time, reward their followers to promote their sales by setting a community commission fee. Sharing the upside of an NFT sale with the community incentives them to share the auction on social media and increase the auction and artist visibility.

Finally, decentralized curation is also beneficial to buyers since they can use the community stake to gauge the interest in an NFT auction.

Our tips for curators

  • Research an NFT before staking: make sure the artwork is original and the artist is a legitimate NFT artist. You can use social media to interact with the artist to learn more about them.
  • Share auctions with your friends: sharing an auction online brings more visibility to the auction and the artist. More people bidding on an auction is good for the artist and you, the curator.
  • Manage your funds: the tokens you stake in an auction are returned to you at the end of the auction. Make sure you always have enough funds to be the first to stake on the cool new auction on Auclantis.